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If you're searching for a way to raise money for your non-profit organization and cookie dough sales just won't get it done, consider a silent auction or raffle a week's stay in one of our resort suites. Try to book one week in a resort villa and you'll find out the bill could run into the tens of thousands. How many raffle tickets would you have to sell to make a profit? Why not increase your price points with a chance to win a prize worth tens of thousands of dollars? Cookie dough or a resort villa? You decide. 


Or...plan a group volunteer trip to the Dominican Republic to help rebuild schools, churches or housing for the under-privileged. In your downtime soak up the sun and gain a greater appreciation for what the Dominican Republic has to offer.

Because our company owns upscale resort properties through an affiliate partnership with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, we are able to use our properties to help non-profit organizations to raise money by offering vacation stays through silent auctions and/or raffles. 

As a non-profit (NPO), most organizations have a common purpose, which is to make communities and/or benefit society in a tangible way. One of the goals of TCB Resort Rentals is to share our resources to assist non-profit organizations in reaching their financial goals. Your mission is our mission. To date, NPOs have raised tens of thousands of dollars collectively. TCB Resort Rentals wants to add new organizations to this growing list. Call today at (800)810-4885 ext. 2 or email us at for more information.


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