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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


Most of our clients have the same questions about travel. Here are the answers to some of those frequently asked Qs. If you still have concerns or want to comment, send us a personal message on our Contact page.

Do I Need a Passport to Visit the Dominican Republic?

If you are not a citizen of the Dominican Republic, YES, you need a passport to visit. Upon entrance to the airport you must present your passport and pass through CUSTOMS! Also, there is a $10/person surcharge for everyone who enters the Dominican Republic. Cash or Pesos are accepted only while passing through CUSTOMS.


Can I Use U.S. Dollars During My Vacation?

Although the Dominican Peso is the Dominican Republic currency, the U.S. dollar is accepted and widely used there. The exchange rate (currently) is 43 pesos to $1, which is the value you should expect if you plan to use U.S. Dollars to pay for products and services. Or you can exchange your money for pesos. Expect to get a better exchange rate in the city away from the airport(s). Or you can pay for goods and services with credit and/or debit cards, which are accepted for payment.


Is it Safe to Travel Outside of the Resort?

Crime in Puerto Plata tends is low, because it's a tourist area. But always follow common sense precautions, such as: (1) Never leave valuables exposed in a parked car or golf cart; (2) Never walk alone at night and stay close to highly populated areas of the city. Most tourists travel via taxi or they rent motorized scooters. Both methods of transportation are affordable.


Is the Resort All-Inclusive?
All-inclusive accomodations are an option! If you choose, all food and drinks, transportation around the ten-acre compound, maid service and entertainment are included. Tips are always appreciated. There are five restaurants, nightly family entertainment and too many bars to count - all for your convenience and pleasure! Activities outside of the resort include horseback riding, hiking, mountain-climbing, snorkling and scuba diving, skydiving, zip-lining and city tours that can be enjoyed for an additional fee.


Is This Resort Affliliated With Any Other?


TCB Resort Rentals is partnered with resorts in 300 countries, including international cruise lines. Let us know where you want to go and we'll help you get there and stay in style!


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